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That Book List

the one we talked about to recommend books you just HAD to read

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Rant or rave about that last book you read! Find books of similar interest by searching the tags.
This is a community that was created due to a random comment made by citycountrygirl who probably never expected me (tlluria) to follow up on it.

Yes, it was a moment of "Gee, I have nothing better to do."

That said.

This list is for our reading pleasure. These are the basic rules, and no you don't have to use the silly subject headings if you don't want to. But you do have to tag. Tag to your hearts content, even if the (sub) genre doesn't even technically exist. Tag away so long as it's relevant to the book!

Author Alert! - Tell us about an author you are passionate about (positvely or negatively). Write why, include some titles said author has written. For tags, include the genres the author has written in, not the author's name. That can also go into the subject heading.

Book Bash - Books that you feel that everyone on the planet should avoid under all circumstances. Again, tell us what grieved you about it, why was it so horrendous? Under tags, include the genre(s) the book falls under, and - of course - include the author's/editor's name(s).

Rave Review - Books that you can't believe someone else hasn't read yet. Why was it fabulous? What brought you to tears? What pulled you in and didn't let you go? Again, under tags, include the genre(s) the book falls under, and - of course - include the author's/editor's name(s).

PLEASE ALWAYS TAG YOUR REVIEW!!! - You will be gently reminded with a "TAG ME" reply. The "TAG ME" reply will be deleted as soon as all the tags are added/edited. Everyone can add a new genre/tag by simply adding it as usual. :-)
Optional - Add your name as a tag. This is useful for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you'd like to see which or how many books you've reviewed. Perhaps someone else likes your style of writing or your taste in books and this way they are able to easily search for your posts.

One Book Per Post! - Unless it's a series or an increasingly inaccurately named trilogy.

[enter obligatory comment about courtesy and politeness, and love, peace and harmony]