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10th-Oct-2005 06:39 pm - For art fans!
Lizzie Siddal : The Tragedy of a Pre-Raphaelite Supermodel

This is a biography of the woman who posed for the famous "Ophelia" painting. It's a really detailed account of her life, Dante Rosetti's, and many of the other Pre-Raphaelite figures. It is also written by a great-great-great-granddaughter of Charles Dickens.
29th-Sep-2005 06:18 pm - Banned book mem!
From anidada, books whose removal from libraries was most requested between 1990 and 2000 (note the dates, eh?).
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16th-Sep-2005 05:02 pm - for all of you in or near NoVA
Rayarray, Storm
GMU's Fall for the Book festival is offering a grand selection of authors.

If I'd thought of it sooner, I'd've posted it sooner. But there you are.

It's great fun and if any of you go and see "Independence Air" buttons or other freebies, snag me one, please?

7th-Sep-2005 10:34 am - Donating books
Psst, tlluria! I think this is what you wanted to find!

SCBWI to Donate Comfort Kits

The SCBWI will be assembling Comfort Kits for children who have been displaced by Hurricane Katrina. Each kit will contain:

2 Books
1 Flashlight
1 Toothbrush & Toothpaste Set
1 NEW Toy or Stuffed Animal

Kits for children ages 3 to 8 will have picture books (hard or soft cover) and a small stuffed animal. Kits for children ages 8 to 12 will have chapter books/novels (hard or soft cover) and an age- appropriate non-electronic toy (marbles, jacks, puzzles, action figures, etc.).

If you would like to contribute, we are asking SCBWI members to donate new or like-new books (hard or soft cover) and NEW toys or stuffed animals. The SCBWI will provide the tote bags, toothbrush sets, and flashlights. The SCBWI Executive Office staff will assemble the kits and see that they are distributed to Hurricane Katrina relief shelters around the country.

This is a concrete way that you can help children through your membership and our organization. Send items to arrive BEFORE September 25th to:

SCBWI Hurricane Help
8271 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90048

If you would rather contribute money, please make a check out to "SCBWI Katrina Relief Fund" and mail to the address above -- we will use it to purchase the necessary items. A $15 donation will sponsor one Comfort Kit.

Thank you for your kindness and generosity. Together we can make an amazing difference in the lives of these children.

Please spread this information to your SCBWI friends who don't participate on the Boards and to non-SCBWI members who might be interested in donating books or toys.

You can point non-members to:

Thank you all!
6th-Sep-2005 05:58 pm - yoinked from teaching
Rayarray, Storm
"Here's a novel way to help out the victims of Hurricane Katrina, and one that many teachers and fellow bibliophiles may like.

Kappa Delta Pi is gathering children's books to help replenish school libraries. They are gathering them at their annual Convocation, but I emailed them and asked if people could send books to them directly (and/or a donation for that purpose) and got a nice reply. Thank you for making this gesture...of course we will accept books if you wish to send them to headquarters. We are also contributing to the Katrina efforts in this way. Send them to me and I'll be sure you and the chapter get

Michael P. Wolfe
Executive Director

I don't know if anyone else is gathering books, frankly not just to replenish schools but for shelters I wish I could send some good kids books. Books are a way to keep hope alive, to feed the soul, to let you travel away from the hellish insecurity of your current situation to a wonderful mysterious land...

So, I guess you can send books here if you want to:

Kappa Delta Pi
3707 Woodview Trace
Indianapolis, IN 46268-1158

Phone (toll-free):
Feel free to cut and paste this wherever."
4th-Sep-2005 09:47 am(no subject)
From Sonia:
I was looking for something that wouldn't make me laugh and I have a feeling I wanted it to be poetry. I was looking for something that would grab me, take me down and not let me go for the duration.

I've always enjoyed Denise Levertov - she's not overly sappy or overly thinky. I was trying to get one of my books down to toss in a poem or two for enjoyment, but they're too hard to get to at the moment.

I did, however, find some notes I made about Levertov for a poetry class I took a few years ago ...
• 1923-1997 Born in England, moved to US in 1948.
• Claimed to have decided to become a writer at 5. When 12, she sent some of her poetry to TS Eliot who gave her good advice and encouraged her to continue writing.
• Nurse during WWII (in London throughout the bombings)
• “New Romantic,” “Black Mountain poet,” “American avant-garde” (b/c of her open, experimental style in the 1950s),
• Associated w/ the Black Mountain poets (hubby was Robert Creeley’s pal – also Charles Olson & Robert Duncan). She had some work published in the Black Mountain Review but never claimed association in any poetic school.
• In the 60s she wrote a lot of stuff with strong feeling (rage, sadness … sort of response to the Vietnam war)
• She won the Lenore Marshall Poetry Prize for her 1975 book Freeing the Dust.
• Her poetry was concerned with the multiple aspects of the human experience: Love, motherhood, nature, war, the environment, mysticism, poetry …
• It seems like her poetry fuses imagism (hard & objective) with metaphysical and musical … she found a comfortable middle road between the two forms. She also had a wide range of voice or tone … going from rock hard to sweet and musical.

3rd-Sep-2005 10:22 pm - recommendations?
Rayarray, Storm
Today I wandered into B&N looking for something I couldn't find.

I was looking for something that wouldn't make me laugh and I have a feeling I wanted it to be poetry. I was looking for something that would grab me, take me down and not let me go for the duration.

27th-Aug-2005 12:03 pm(no subject)
Heroine Addict, Leia
The suggestion has been made that we need to pimp out thatbooklist. So if you have a minute and an appropriate venue, please feel free to do so. You can just c&p the blurb below or make up your own little blurb.

Additionally, please add any genre tags you've been missing (consult the list on the community page first) and I will happily add them.

[EDIT]I have changed the "add tags" setting for the community. If you're a member you can create new tags the way you would for your own journal. Just type 'em in. So, no need for polls or replying with new tags unless you really want to. [/EDIT]

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Thanks all!
25th-Aug-2005 04:49 pm - Assassination Vacation
Even though I'm not through reading it yet (mostly because I've been reading only during lunch and on the Metro) I want to tell you all to read Assassination Vacation by Sarah Vowell. I am so in love with this book. It is a chronicle of her pilgrimage studying the murders of Lincoln, Garfield, and McKinley. We learn about the shaping of American politics through violence and death. And it's funny, too! Did you know that Garfield's killer was a former member of a biblical sex cult? That there might be a mummy of the real John Wilkes Booth walking around somewhere? A wee bit of warning though. Vowell is not a fan of "the current president" so if you're offended by that, this probably isn't the book for you.

I found an excerpt from the first chapter as read by the author (you will recognize her voice from The Incredibles):

Audio here
8th-Aug-2005 05:29 pm(no subject)
BookWhore, Book
The Obernewtyn Chronicles by Isobelle Carmody

American publishing companies, distributors and stores so need to expand their horizons, because Isobelle Carmody is one of those fabulous writers you never hear about.

This series (because though currently a trilogy in the US, there are other books in Australia) easily weaves science fiction and fantasy into a fabulous tale. Isobelle does it as easily as Anne McCaffrey did it with her Dragonriders series, before she went all Robert Jordan on it. And yes, Pern is SF through and through, but it hides it well until later on in the series, at which point you think "OF COURSE!"


Obernewtyn, The Far Seekers, Ashling - but really just Obernewtyn for nowCollapse )

Well worth a read, incidentally - and somewhat sadly - I noted that Carmody books were on the freebie table the last time I was at ICFA.
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