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Generation Dead review 
20th-Feb-2008 05:04 pm
hope, introspection, beauty, Butterfly
I've been reading this ARC of Generation Dead by Daniel Waters. Some teens have been coming back alive as Zombies (nice ones) and have integrated into society. Of course many people have issues with them, they also have no rights, and people are murdering them left an right cause they feel the aren't human anymore. The story line is the struggle for 3 friends and 3 Zombies to understand each other, become friends, and possible even for two of them develop a relationship. There are things I love about this book, like the two main characters, the voice, the messages (or potential messages) he is making, etc. I had problems with the ending most of all, because I felt that there were a lot of unresolved story lines, enough to make a second book. Plus the last few pages of the (I believe) send a subconscious message to teen girls to self-sacrifice themselves for a man, specifically in a sexual way. Maybe I'm reading too much into it. I'll let you decided.


Tommy is a Zombie. Phoebe is human. They have been dating, but have not kissed or had any other physical contact. Some Zombies are high functioning and some low. Tommy has just explained to Phoebe why that is. The high functioning Zombies were loved after their death, while the low ones were shunned. Therefore love makes the Zombies more human-like.

After this Tommy confesses that he basically was dating Phoebe because he thought "if ... [he] ...could get a girl...a real girl...to love...me...to kiss...me...I'd come back...even more" (380). He's reasoning here is that if he kisses (makes out with) a real girl he will be more human.

Okay zoom ahead a few pages. Human zombie hater Pete is aiming a gun at Tommy. Then switches to Phoebe. Pete is having a hard time with her dating Tommy because his girlfriend died but did not come back as a Zombie. This makes him hate Zombies and also keep confusing Phoebe for his dead girlfriend. Adam (human boy in love with Phoebe) comes to Phoebe's rescue and gets shot. He dies, He comes back as a Zombie. This leads to the last lies of the book that bring me such trouble. We are now in Phoebe's POV (3rd person close). "Even when the ambulance arrived sometime later and the paramedics gently pried her arms from Adam, who twitched and coughed unintelligible sounds as they lifted him onto the stretcher, Phoebe could only think of this one thing: Bringing him back. Bringing him back as far as she possibly could" (392).

Now I realize we could be all innocent in our reading and say it's LOVE that will bring him back. BUT, when just twelve pages prior you equate love with kisses, it seems like a very logical leap to say that Phoebe's goal of bringing him as far back as possible will include major physical contact.

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