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Rave Review 
2nd-Jan-2008 08:25 pm
CCB crazysalivating
Title: The Autobiography of Santa Claus
ISBN: 9781585422657

First, holycrapMichelleispostinghere!

OK, down to business ...
What's to say about a delightful 24 chapter book about the life, love, and magic of Santa?  It's sweet, surprisingly filled with history, trials, war, occasionally predictable (but not painfully so), and sounds exactly like Santa should.  It's very easy to read yet still very touching.  Defintiely worth reading every page. 

It's a short book (280ish small hardback), and I plan on making this one a regular part of Christmas.  In fact, I'll be reading this to my niece and nephew next year!

YAY Santa!
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